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19/12/22 Grind Reset Shine is streaming internationally 


Short film Sci-fi, Comedy
TRT 20 Min HD 2023

The Culona Ants

Work in progress
Nature Documentary HD
TRT: Approx 30 minutes

Joe Bradley

Client: Joe Bradley studio
Format: 16mm
TRT: 4 minutes 2022


Poetic Documentary
Format: 16mm & HD
TRT: 38 Minutes 2019


Feature Drama
Format: Color DCP 24FPS 5.1 Scope 2.39:1
TRT: 92 minutes 2019

2/5/11 Margarita at the Berlinale Talent Campus of the 61ST BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

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10/24/10 GBNS at the Intl Cali Film festival. Margarita will attend screenings

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10/7/10 Margarita picked as one of the NYC emerging filmmakers in NY press

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9/9/10 Margarita will participate in Latin Beats’s panel Latin-O-American at 7pm (Free)

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Swimming Away

Short film. 15 min. S16mm. 2011.
Three finalists fiercely compete in the most wanted swimming competition, the prize?
A citizenship to the most wanted country in the world.

Neoangin-Happy Hobo

Home Made music video

Isla De Encanta

Short film. 2007 TRT: 3 min. Part of Filmaka
Dancing at a party to the song by Pixies called Isla de Encanta, and Devendra`s silver shadow. Improvised in Paris shot in 3 hours, edited for another 3.

ThreeASFOUR Spring 08

Client: Fashion TV Latin America
Three ASFOUR Spring/Summer 2008 collection at NY fashion week
Interview with Adi Asfour, behind the scenes, and show.

Howling Grin 2.0

Short film. Part of Filmaka.
White noise, and the albino peacock THIS IS PART 2 in Swedish "myrornas krig", which literaly translates as the war of the ants.

Howling Grin 1.0

Short film. Part of Filmaka
Dogs were barking........ This dialogue came to me on a train ride when I saw the first snow of winter. 6th take out of 13

Go Home!

Short film. 7 min. 2007
Mr. White while shopping for bread finds everyone difficult to understand, no one speaks his language anymore, not even at home!

Dorit Chrysler-Sustain me

Home made Music Video

MARC PONTHUS -Deuxième Sonate

Client: Marc Ponthus
CD recording of Deuxième Sonate BY PIERRE BOULEZ

Jacinto Canek-Mio Nonno

Music Video

Detrás de P.

The making of Perder es Cuestión de Método, by Sergio Cabrera.
Shot all in location with Bogotá, Colombia, as a backdrop. Absurd situations take place when reality and fiction meet on set, and a tight budget threatens the production.