Short film Sci-fi, Comedy
TRT 20 Min HD 2023

Swimming Away

Short film. 15 min. S16mm. 2011.
Three finalists fiercely compete in the most wanted swimming competition, the prize?
A citizenship to the most wanted country in the world.

Isla De Encanta

Short film. 2007 TRT: 3 min. Part of Filmaka
Dancing at a party to the song by Pixies called Isla de Encanta, and Devendra`s silver shadow. Improvised in Paris shot in 3 hours, edited for another 3.

Howling Grin 2.0

Short film. Part of Filmaka.
White noise, and the albino peacock THIS IS PART 2 in Swedish "myrornas krig", which literaly translates as the war of the ants.

Howling Grin 1.0

Short film. Part of Filmaka
Dogs were barking........ This dialogue came to me on a train ride when I saw the first snow of winter. 6th take out of 13

Go Home!

Short film. 7 min. 2007
Mr. White while shopping for bread finds everyone difficult to understand, no one speaks his language anymore, not even at home!