FROM THE MARGINS, THIS, UNMENTIONED, is the story of a troubled girl’s personal search for identity and redemption in a complex and oppressive world.

Based on original poems by writer Kat Mandeville, and inspired by an original score by composer Bryan Senti, this video was produced and directed by the collective, SATAN’S PEARL HORSES. The video features a lone protagonist, model and actress Tara Wallace, as she shifts roles, reflecting the changing identity of the Girl through the course of the narrative.

FROM THE MARGINS, is at once a documented performance piece, a nightmare, a seductive thriller – taking inspiration from theater, performance, and video art, while taking visual cues from cinema and large scale art installations. The entire production was done with no CGI, with all set pieces created inside an empty brownstone in Brooklyn, NY (and exteriors shot in Brooklyn as well). All visual effects were done in camera, experimenting with lens and glass distortion, video projection, and light manipulation. The only digital process was the edit (Final Cut Pro) and color correction.

FROM THE MARGINS, is a multimedia collaboration, that began modestly as a collection of original poems by Kat Mandeville. Moved and stirred by the poems, composer Bryan Senti created an original, operatic score, creating an aural interpretation to Mandeville’s written word. With these elements in place, the collective SATAN’S PEARL HORSES created a visual response, acknowledging both the original source material and the music, while creating their own collage of environments and performances.

design by dontstareatthesun