My Life Is a Soundtrack



Unsatisfied with his his place in New York’s art scene, Artist Peter Bjorn relocates to Berlin in search of change. Meanwhile in a remote Polish village, Alicia prepares to become a nun but, feeling home in nature, her reveries continually distract her from her religious path. When Peter’s much anticipated Berlin debut is panned by critics, he flees to the Polish countryside where he overhears Alicia’s sweet voice in the woods. Both lost in their own ways, their friendship leads them to yet another new beginning.


US In Progress, Paris 2016 – Prize Winner


#40 of The 50 Most Anticipated American Films of 2017

USIP prize

Screen Daily

Genre: Fiction film Drama/ Music/Hybrid
Director: Margarita Jimeno
Executive Producer: Andrew D. Corkin
Consultant Producer: Sol Bondy
Status: Post-production
Country: USA
Length: Approx. 95 minutes

Production details: Shot in Red Epic 5K 25FPS 2:40 Aspect ratio
Berlin, Paris, NYC, Polish Carpathian Mountains

Project history:
CPH:DOX 2011 Forum Pitch selection
Finalist in the last rounds for Torino film lab and Binger Lab 2011

Main Cast: Jens Louis Valeur, Eva Moari, Rezeta Veliu, Felix Römer, David Olbrich, Hanna Konarowska

Production Company: | Hoptza Films (US)


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