Margarita Jimeno

A campy sci-fi experimental film based on the myth of Atalanta, shot in San Gimignano Lichtenberg’s garden. In this version Atalanta confronts her fate as a great basketball player. Several demons and contemporary archetypes discuss contemporary topics of evil and good, and even basketballs have a small role.

Production details

Status: Post production
Year: 2023
Length: 20 minutes
Format: HD
Language: English, Denglisch
Genre: Sci Fi, Comedy
Director/Writer/Producer: Margarita Jimeno
Cinematographer: Daniel Takács
Dramaturgy: Susana Castellanos
Editor: Florian Klein
Sound recorder: Zita Erffa
Production Assistants: David Olbrich, Tiwo Dannenberg
Sound Design: Rob Walker
Color Correction: Sven Hegen
Music: Krikor

Main Cast

Ellen Müller as Atalanta
Felix Römer as Schöni
Otis Jack Rodriguez as Xaphan
Thulani Mgidi as Milanion
Gundula Weisshaar as Artist activist
Constanze Fröhlich as AM
David Olbrich Basket ball player 1
Tiwo Dannenberg Basket ball player 2
Gigi Pasolini Basket ball player 3

Production details

A Film by: Margarita Jimeno
Shot on Location: At San Gimignano Lichtenberg’s garden.
Dankeschön: Olaf Grawert, Tim Lehmacher, Ari Gold, Madeline Peters, Kolli Höskuldsson, Unnur Einarsdóttir
And all the crew, and cast <3

Texts Excerpts

As You Like It, By William Shakespeare
To Thicken the plot From John Cage
Faust I, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Clapping Backwards by Luisa Ungar