Margarita Jimeno

A favorite snack in Santander, Colombia is the crunchy gigantic ant dubbed Hormiga Culona (big ass ant). Men, women and children of all ages await for the ants to come out after the rain season. Some people use mirrors to bounce light into each anthill to fool the ants into thinking the sun is shining in. The tricked ants come scrambling out of their homes and into the jars of salivating humans, who then toast and eat them. The story of the ants turns out to be a fantastic untold fairy tale.

Production details

Work in progress
Status: Post production
Length: Approx 30 minutes
Format: HD
Genre: Short Film


Once a year the Culonas, big ass ants come out to mate, and make new colonies, that is only if they don’t get roasted and eaten by a human.