Margarita Jimeno

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Take a walk in the capital of capitalism. That is late capitalism. The Hamburger tower era is here. The corporation mindset has hijacked society. Slowing down people who eat and walk in busy midtown Manhattan. A female and male voice recite texts from different sources.
A Nonlinear poem. No punch line and no climax.

Production details

Year: 2019
Length:  38 minutes
Format: 16mm & HD
Genre: Documentary
A Film by: Margarita Jimeno
Cinematographer: Trevor Tweeten
Voice over: Jim Fletcher, Juliana Francis-Kelly
Music: Krikor Kouchain


Seven Minutes In Heaven, Berlin 2022
Architectural ensemble at Charlottenburger Spreeufer
Curated by Marie-Therese Bruglacher, Press Release DE & EN, Publication text DE

The Hanging Gardens of Oberlandstrasse at Atelier Gardens
Curated by  Boaz Levin, Ayham Majid Agha, Info.

Texts Excerpts

Text inspirations and verbatim by Frank O’hara, Guy Debord, Walt Whitman, Mark Fisher and Kabir.

Giving space to slowness is a conscious resistance to sleepwalking through the suffocating desires of late capitalism.