Please Help me with seed money to fund the first shoot of my new film project: BOGUSAloha

I’ve been developing a new film about deception for several months. Bogus is an exploration of where deception occurs in our world. It mixes documentary, and fiction to explore the theme of deception. From the macro world of insects to the coding of cybersecurity hacks. The film will explore in 4 chapters this bogus world we live in.
More information available by request.
I was excited when a major production company green lighted the project for development. Alas, after 4 months of mainly working on this film, the company did not green light it for production. Major bummer. It’s a cold hard industry this film world. In one hand there’s a craving for new exciting films, but on the other hand the decision makers often get cold feet and rarely support new ideas. I’ve been left up in the air. I was really counting on working on this project, and excited to start a new film.

So I’m now asking for seed money from you to start filming. There is a crucial scene that needs to be filmed now, this week. Yikes!

I want to film humans tricking animals. There’s this fascinating ritual that happens only once a year in Colombia.

I got a message from a biologist down in Colombia, last night April 20, 2019. alerting me that the Hormiga Culona, the “big fat ass” ants, are coming out.

So I’m planning my trip right now to go film this once a year interaction between people and these juicy ants they trick, hunt ,roast, and eat.

I need help to cover the costs of this first shoot:

First shoot budget
Flights for me and my cinematographer :  2 x  $1,000 = 2,000
Cinematographer fee with equipment:     4 days          = 2,720
Food and lodging for 4 people :                                    =   700
Hard drives:                                                2 x 120       =   240
Production assistant                               4 days x 200  =   800
Driver with car + gas                                                     =   300

Total: 6,760 USD

In addition I have to Pay back, at some point this is not urgent,  the production company the development cash they gave me,  to get the film rights back. $2,000

Grand Total: 8,760

Any donation helps!

I will create special content in my instagram account for people who have donated.  Send me a request to be added to this special circle of supporters to:
Or add me in whatsapp with my US number below and request the special content.

**I will also create special photos and artifacts generated from the shoot, collectable items for donors above the $500 level. Delivery date might be 1 year FYI.

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How to donate:
paypal me by following the link below. Venmo via my Telephone 917 853 4434.
Or deposit directly to my bank account: CITIBANK ACCOUNT # 04554967 ABA#021000089 CITI BANK SWIFT CODE: CITI US 33 BRANCH ADDRESS: 375 COURT STREET BROOKLYN,NY 11231

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Thank you so much!